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HIFI audio, and fever audio, and CD turntable, and decoding device, and Qian Reset zoom device, and power amplifier, and LP turntables, and pickup zoom device, and power processor, and family theater, and professional amplifier, and bile machine, and brand including: (YAMAHA, and Marantz, and NAIM, and LANN, and JBL, and JVC, and AND, and TEAC, and JVC, and BOSE, and days Dragon, and Onkyo, and music fax, and name, and health Wu, and landscape, and pioneer, and Philips, and Republika BA grams, and maijingyuan, and voice, and Lux, and eight up, and Sony , Panasonic, Aiwa, lion and Dragon, Lake hills, sharp), and other major brands.

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