Plasma TVs use and maintenance considerations
TV-bright and clear picture, but the plasma TV screen is very fragile, and careless use of easily bring scarred face. Due to more expensive price occupy TV 60%-80% the cost of plasma screens, so as long as the plasma screens out, to replace or repair to costly, if there is any damage, losses will be very big. Therefore, we daily plasma TV use and maintenance attention, take care.
plasma TV use and maintenance attention: the installation placing particular
plasma television is relatively thin, many people like to hang on the wall. Therefore, we have installed TV should pay attention to selection of wall, preferably mounted on the spindle on the wall, where daily out of direct sunlight. Note the installed TV should pay attention to leave some space for TV space for heat dissipation. Because high power plasma TV can produce large amounts of heat, careful not to door cover TV items, pay attention to the daily ventilation. TV opening easily for a long time caused overheating, if the thermal problems will affect the life of plasma screens.
plasma TV use and maintenance notes II: pay attention to everyday dust, moisture and clean
as TV fever temperature and magnetic, TV was more dust, and dust is the main obstacle of heat. Therefore, we should pay attention to TV work clean dust on a regular basis. Accumulated temperature and aging leads to plasma screens. Itself with static electricity and dust will endanger the safety of plasma screens. Therefore, in order to form a good habit to regularly clean up the dust. Also do not place vases of flowers next to the TV, wet on TV is also a negative factor.
cleaning remember when TV select the appropriate methods to clean the TV. TV screen does not need cleaning every day, as long as the regular, 2, 3 months to clean them again. Too often scrubbed TV, detergent easy damage to the screen. Especially for cleaning the TV screen should pay attention to choose special plasma screen cleaner and a special screen cleaning materials. Do not use alcohol and other chemical agents to clean the screen, it will cause damage to the TV screen protection film. Preferably according to the instructions on the TV asked to clean the TV screen.
plasma TV use and maintenance notes three: don't stop-motion picture
plasma TV screen for a long time if you stay for a long time on the same screen and screen are easily localized Burns, will leave traces at the scene not to fade. This is because the plasma screen is frozen in the same image for a long time, then each plasma Chamber of light a constant at this time, the whole picture will be presented like a shadow, and TV displays. Therefore, we can enable the screen saver, or don't stay on for a long time on the same screen.

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