Range hood cleaning methods
Fume machine of cleaning main is cleaning fume machine of body outside surface and fume machine of filter network, its specific operation is:
first step: spin Xia oil Cup, pour to product oil;
second step: split Xia filter network, into added has neutral detergent of warm water soaking, with soft brush will its cleaning clean;
third step: with dip has neutral cleaning agent of wet cloth scrub body surface;
in cleaning process of note matters:
1) cleaning Shi must pulled out power plug;
2) No Rinse to prevent computer Board on the water;
3) non-combustible cleaning agents
1) should be frequently cleaned the body appearance, filters, wipe the outer surface of the body building after each cooking, cleaning filters once every month;
2) in the oil Cup is not full before dump waste oil in the oil Cup and clean the oil Cup;

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