Tips: refrigerator washing machine how to use more energy-efficient
Refrigerator energy saving
summer is the season of highest rates of use in the fridge, lots of families as refrigerators and used an inappropriate method, waste a lot of electricity.
will try to place the refrigerator in a cool, well-ventilated place, close to the wall distance is best controlled at around 10 cm, it is a good heat sink. Fruits, vegetables and other foods with more moisture, use a plastic bag in the refrigerator to avoid evaporation, increased defrost energy.
expert: summer, freezer set at 5 degrees Celsius, freezing room transferred to the lingxia14sheshidu is the most suitable. Boxes of food not too full, food and boxes to set aside at least one cm gap between the wall. Due to the lower night temperature and condenser cooling, making ice in summer or cold in the night. Instead, strong laundry
now, energy-saving washing machines by many people of all ages, however, if only a regular washing machine, using properly also saving water and electricity. washing machine has strong and weak wash wash functions, as many have "power saving" tend to "weak wash" function. Experts pointed out that it was a misunderstanding, and weak than strong washing frequency of changing the direction of rotation of the impeller washing more open down more often, motor restarting electricity.
experts advise: before washing the dirty clothes for 10-20 minutes, and press Select water level and the number of rinses; clothes in the washing machine turn on just 5-10 minutes clothes dehydration time 1 minute.

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