How clean fight fast and labor saving clean refrigerator
Why should I have to regularly clean up the refrigerator?
many people used any food into the refrigerator, think that store food, more hygienic, more insurance. Therefore, raw and cooked food in the refrigerator, vegetable, fruit and meat are mixed together. Association of health care experts pointed out that refrigerators can slow the propagation speed of most bacteria, but does not kill bacteria. May have a lot of bacteria in raw meat and vegetables, they not only can continue to reproduce and can contaminate other foods in the refrigerator, some low temperature 0 ℃ bacteria can multiply.
preserving food freezer, cooked food storage boxes or storage bag and sealed after classifications saved leftover food should be heated before eating, cooking and food core temperature reached 70 degrees or more. Clean refrigerator tips
/> cleaning the refrigerator must master the methods, cleaning the refrigerator can use boric acid or disinfectant wipes to clean, use boric acid to clean the refrigerator makes it easy to cream.
using cling film and disinfectant wipes clean
to shut off power when the refrigerator, dry cloth to gently scrub and dirty you can wipe with a cloth dampened with detergent. Boric acid or disinfectant wipes can also be used to clean the fridge, use boric acid to clean the refrigerator can easily go to cream. Glycerol can also be used to clean the refrigerator, forming a thin layer of protective film, coated with milk or food particles can easily be rubbed off. Put out to wash the container, such as a shelf. Rubber seal on a refrigerator door must not be ignored, to wipe clean. Condenser to the accumulation of dust on the back of the refrigerator, affecting heat, it is best to vacuum the dust. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the electrical parts. Need to be reminded of is that cleaning the refrigerator can not use hot water, do not use sharp scraping dirt and frost.

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