Common sense: refrigerators placed properly can save electricity
When placed in the refrigerator, it should generally be reserved at both sides 5~10 cm, 10 cm at the top, 10 cm at the back of the space, can help the refrigerator cooling. Also be careful not to stereos, televisions, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances are put together, the heat from these appliances will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.
fridge refrigerated items not placed too close together, leaving space to cold air circulation, which cool the food faster, reducing the number of compressors running, saving electrical energy. When you put fresh fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator, be sure to open them. If fruits and vegetables together, will cause the cold heat, it will consume more power. For larger foods, according to the family eating at a time component separately, remove one at a time to eat without having to spend a big chunk of take out food from the fridge, used up and then put it back, because freezing is a waste of power, and easy damage to the food.

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