Note that refrigerators abnormal noise
Running in the refrigerators of issuing "hiss" sound of air, also with the Rapids, which is a soft normal noise.
refrigerator made of "Pa Pa Pa" sound, this is due to thermal expansion and contraction generated inside the box of a sound, which is normal.
appears in the fridge "when when" sound, often in moments when the compressor starts or stops, sometimes, sometimes two or three times and this will not affect the normal use of it.
refrigerator compressors as "Ping ping" metal pipe vibration and crashing, this is high-voltage noise broken voice, should be repaired in a timely manner.
refrigerator appears as "Boom-Boom" sound, and voice in the running of the refrigerator compressor is issued it is compressor suspension spring fracture or dislocation within the sound, timely maintenance.
appears in the fridge "giggle" or "da da" sound, accompanied by obvious vibration of the compressor, which is the mechanical damage of the compressor loose or bad, that impact should be repaired.
refrigerators made "cooing" call, is an excess of oil into evaporator made of sauteed blowing sound, but also should be repaired.

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