How plasma TV burn-proof screen
The lesson: when it started to purchase really worried about burning screen problem, but plasma fantastic effect makes me overlook the problem until August of this year, accidental discovery, CCTV logo is printed on, although I take remedial measures, but until now did not disappear completely.
PA and Panasonic PV friends are many, when watching TV, it is best not to use the "best" mode, because the best model of contrast is 100 (full), brightness is 50, standard tones, so this picture amazing brightness. First I felt at ease, are used, that screen is too cool, but long-term, especially from July to August and watch the TV, put the three episodes broadcast at that time, had to check out from 7:30 to 10 points, also forgot to change the channel, which lasted for nearly 20 days, until the end of the series. Therefore, high brightness, high contrast and repeated long hours every day at the same station, leading to the final burn screen, what a pity!
experience: better not to use the "best" mode, when watching DVD, you can usually watch TV, we recommend using the "standard" mode, contrast, 88-90, 60, with 40 color brightness and clarity "cool '' mode, the other under a

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