How to extend the use of air conditioning to teach you five cheats
The weather is getting colder, some friends of the family have even through the heat. Working through the summer air conditioning can finally rest. Consumers need to be aware of is that air conditioning use is at home after a period of time, to perform certain maintenance and maintenance. But some people do not know how to maintain their air conditioning, don't worry, xiaobian this recipe for you!
air conditioning refrigerants do not require regular replacement
many consumers feel that air conditioner in use for some time, it is necessary to other refrigerants, in fact, this view is not correct. Need timer for refrigerant air conditioning this assertion is nonsense. Refrigerator is by refrigerant air conditioning for cooling, but fridge is an airtight refrigeration equipment, so never need to add refrigerant. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems is semi-closed, in general there is refrigerant in the refrigeration process leaks, so sometimes you need to add refrigerant. However, every air conditioning refrigerant leakage is not the same, so it does not provide for a specific time, must go to replace the user. Use four or five years without adding refrigerant air conditioning there, it depends on the specific usage of the air conditioning.
need reminded consumers of is, if air conditioning does need added refrigeration agent, in added zhiqian, must to please professional of maintenance personnel first looking for air conditioning of leak points, or even added has refrigeration agent is Bai Jia, because refrigeration agent will soon again leaked
air conditioning as monthly open times machine
into to winter, air conditioning almost on rarely with has, but even in not using air conditioning of season, best also to keep one months boot once of using volume. Because the air conditioning compressor is the core of the work, there was oil. If not used for a long time, oil condenses and use again could cause compressor jammed.
room air should be changed
there are many air carried a negative ion, oxygen bar function, many users find these air conditioning air is very healthy. In fact, this is not correct, natural air is the most conducive to human health. In the pure air of nature inside, contains negative ions, oxygen, and other ingredients. When using air conditioning, consumers should be appropriate Windows that open for ventilation, to ensure air circulation.
air conditioners need regular cleaning
air conditioning in the winter break after a long period of time, which will accumulate a lot of dust, so in the summer before or after use in the autumn needed a cleaning service is also very important. Air conditioning cleaning and general users can be done separately.
first is the washing machine. Filters must be cleaned, Photocatalyst and air conditioning prior to use, you need to be in the Sun for 10 minutes to maintain its function. If you are using time, more dust in the machine, evaporator also needs to be cleaned. Of smoke working air conditioning air conditioning needs to be removed as a whole, cleaned. In addition to machines, outside the machine must be cleaned. If the outdoor unit is not high in the outdoor, users can use fresh water to clean the condenser and heat-exchanger.
air conditioner outdoor unit install the awning is to pay attention to dimensions
some consumers to avoid outdoor exposure, will install an awning, this is in fact not necessary. Because manufacturers outside the machine at design time, add a waterproof, acid-proof, rust-proof function, no additional shielding. But often in the Sun outside the machine, you can also install an awning. At install time, consumers need to pay attention to the awning size too small awning will affect the air conditioning heat exchangers, affect the efficiency of the air conditioner.
as long as consumers to remember these maintenance methods, then the air conditioning in your home will definitely be more durable, life will be longer. Xiao bian reminds consumers: don't stay up, go to a bath in the home air conditioning

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