Service price: washing machine repair; (for into/drain, and electromagnetic valve, and level switch, and capacitor, and big/small belt round, and drainage valve lever) 35 Yuan
repair (transmission, and hanging Rod shock absorbers device, and drum, and drainage pump, and heater, and clutch device, and double speed motor, and 60 Yuan) small Swan 120 Yuan
washing machine easy loss parts price Express: Hitachi brand clutch device 260 Yuan, and Haier clutch device 145 Yuan, and capacitor UF=20 Yuan, and level automatically valve 35 Yuan, and drainage valve (traction device) 50 Yuan, and 6 belt, drum-type washing machine drain pump 80 Yuan. Drum washer computer Board 250 Yuan.
board computer (automatic): Haier computer Board 180 yuan, little Swan 150 Yuan for the computer Panel     Hitachi washer computer Board 280   whirlpool computer Board 180   Samsung PC Board 220 Yuan.
each of the repair shop of spare parts purchasing channels, product quality, transportation costs, procurement of spare parts manufacturers. Includes shop rents are not the same. After-sales service, professional support are different. Prices differ. Please try "simple comparison of prices." We also adhere to "the principles of small profits but quick turnover. Thank you for your support.