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Note the use of air conditioning accessories
For now, many families are using air conditioning, but there is a lot of owners complained to the property management company, said the family upstairs air conditioning to drop out, because there is no dedicated gadget, property maintenance is very difficult. On this issue, take your piece, say a few words, hoping to attract much attention from newly installed air conditioning people. Family installed split-type air-conditioning are easy to ignore a problem is when the air conditioning is working to drain out. There are two situations: indoor unit cool in the summer by the lead hose from the condensate, direct access to an outdoor drainage pipe winter heating, outdoor work for some time, it will automatic cream, produced from outside the water outflow in the small holes in the bottom of the machine. Air conditioner bought in original packaging when you are equipped with a plastic water head and plug, choose an appropriate position head of the screw on the water at the bottom, and then plug in the hose connected to the sewer, without holes with plugs seal the winter when the air conditioning would not have to drop out. But often there are many users that these gadgets, useless, together with the packing process.

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