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Failure analysis of leakage in the fridge
Refrigerator is commonly used in our daily lives, because shell is usually made with powder coating steel materials in the fridge, and long runs in the 220V electricity grid, box sometimes can cause leakage problems (especially in the environment moist places and do not have an earthing protection device of refrigerator), light human touch tank with hand, severe electric shock accidents will happen.
refrigerator causes of leakage from two aspects: one is the refrigerator induced leakage, are generally not involved electric shock accident; the second is certain components within the Cabinet damaged refrigerator case charged, namely, electric shock can occur.
, fridge sensitive leakage when the body touches the refrigerator case and pull the door when hands are slightly, high humidity in the environment seriously. When you use pencil to touch, electric pen-neon tube light appear red; the multimeter when measuring the tank shell and the Earth voltage, meter shows a voltage reading, these measurements show that the refrigerator enclosure leakage current is induced. &Nbsp;   is mainly due to lighting distribution box circuit and lead conductor of the compressor and refrigerator produces a certain amount of capacitance, especially in longer service years old fridge, power lead aging, damp makes a refrigerator compressor motor insulation performance as a whole, so that the refrigerator is induced (that is, inductive leakage). Solving induction electric leakage protection through is the most effective way, three-hole outlet with refrigerators connected to completely eliminate induced leakage. Strictly speaking, refrigerator purchased in line before entry into service to promptly install a ground protection, induction or leakage in case of future trouble.
II, refrigerator electrical components damaged leakage in General, lighting in the refrigerator, thermostat, start, relays, electrical components, at the time of installation has a reliable electrical insulation properties, not box shell touches. General electrical leakage is connected electrical wires due to friction or chipped, use a long time due to cooling fluid and the erosion of the refrigerant inside the box, resulting in decreased insulation touch and casing and leakage. While inside the thermostat mounted on the wall, low temperature and water erosion for a long time, the thermostat electrical insulation degradation arising from leakage, electrical insulation property of the thermostat should be replaced immediately. Plus, because of the refrigerator are equipped with overload protection, any overload protector in the refrigerator at work often go off when open, resulting in frequent compressor start up, shut down, you can easily cause leakage protector damage, so the refrigerator should be used only as little as open, as soon as the door was closed, and put the food should not be too much.
c, refrigerator compressors leak
in the usual moments when the body touches the box when using the shell, MA rebound reaction in human body, indicating that refrigerator leakage is a serious (sometimes standing electric shock accidents in wet places), should be promptly cut off the power supply to be overhauled. High current leakage in addition to the above appliances, wires and boxes outside touch and leakage, generally larger compressor burnt windings and the possibility of leakage. A is refrigerator ventilation environment poor, refrigerator thermal effect poor; II is refrigerator load had big caused compressor frequently opening and closing work, makes of long-term overheating run caused compressor within motor burned; three is compressor within of motor hinge and sleeve hole produced loose, to makes rotor in high-speed rotating in the caused eccentric swing, makes of produced is big resistance, motor current increases, line package overheating Hou burned raised shell charged. When in doubt whether the compressor motor electric, available test pen touch the compressor shell, if the electric pen special red neon glow has been charged. Another available multimeter measuring the compressor motor lead wire resistance values with the shell. In measurement Shi, pulled Xia refrigerator power plug, multimeter dial to resistance 100 ω block bit,
a support electric pen hit shell body, another a support electric pen to hit compressor three a leads line end, specific test data following: started winding no short-circuit resistance value about in 23 ω, run winding no short-circuit resistance value in 10 ω around, started and run series winding resistance value about in 33 ω. If the measured resistance value and the standard deviation is large, within the compressor winding short circuit and local burning, should promptly repair or replace the compressor in order to continue to use it.

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