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Air conditioning give you 5 of the provincial health use tips
Air conditioning how to use less electricity? How do air conditioning with comfort at the same time safeguard health? You have to ask: air conditioning as one of the most commonly used household appliances, there is so much attention?
line road. Midea air conditioner air conditioning experts tell you, correct use of air conditioning, not only save energy, but also more comfortable and healthy. Midea air conditioner will give you 5 tips:
1, note the air conditioning temperature setting. Midea air conditioner technician said, generally speaking, the high refrigeration at room temperature 1 degree (generally around 26 degrees), heating room temperature 2 degrees lower when, saves more than 10%. While the temperature can make the human body feel comfortable, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is small, prevent the occurrence of colds.
2, timely cleaning filters. After prolonged use, dirt can clog the air filter mesh, reducing heating and cooling effect, air conditioning use frequent summer should be about one to two months of clean time.
3, select appropriate wind angle. Cold air is heavier than air and sinks, warm air is the opposite. Cooling air outlet the up and down when heating, thermal efficiency is greatly improved.
4, and blocking the air outlet of the outdoor unit. This will reduce cooling/heating effects, a waste of electricity.
5, little doors and Windows that open. Although this can reduce internal and external thermal Exchange. Also, note that window seal, to maximize air conditioning role and more power. &Nbsp;  appliance repair in zhenhai
a few days ago, midea air conditioner launched the industry's most sophisticated configuration full DC inverter air conditioner. The energy-saving power, comfortable and healthy feature fully in line with growing consumer air conditioning requirements.
to beautiful Galaxy I360 inverter air conditioning hanging machine, for example, its minimum operating power of 30W only, equivalent to only one power used to bulbs; in addition, strictly for air quality has become the beautiful Galaxy I360 a highlight of variable frequency air conditioning hanging machine. Air conditioner room air fresh or not is determined by the air conditioner filter filter capacity and self-cleaning ability of heat exchanger, while the I360 hanging by the hot dry cleaning machine, silver ion anti-bacteria filter NET, cold catalyst filter consisting of fruit, such as cleaning systems, to ensure fresh and crisp clean air, then you don't need to worry about air quality inside air-conditioned rooms.

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