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Smoke machine washable the edge, do you know how many
Hood this kitchen appliance, this is a life that is easy to clean. Washable hood, however, and this runs counter to the original intention, the first: is a "boring": no matter who is going to do, are scheduled, to give time, removed removed trying to toss back and forth, is just annoying. Light body tired and small things, in what is now modern kitchen range hoods and cabinets are seamless mosaic, how to remove without scratching the kitchen machines, broken tiles, paint, is a difficult thing and washable finish on them to ensure the kitchen is intact? Also hurt the brain again.
trouble is only the beginning, removable and washable as long as the process of experience, are known to be two major ones – tired and dirty. Down for half an hour, loaded again for half an hour, oil is the world's most difficult cleaning stuff, scrub the inside of the machine, the result will be dirty hands, oil covered, removable and washable finish washing easier than washable machine, low back pain is a natural phenomenon.
non-dynamic oil-absorbing any more "hood"
regardless of 3,721, finally finished the hood removable and washable. But you'll find that the hood was never going to recover the same performance. Because the motor is rotating in the hood, very high standards for mechanical balancing, take apart and wash it could seriously undermine the dynamic balance, create noise, jitter and dysfunctional; no professional disassembly will also increase the gap of each part of the machine, so hood, range hood will greatly reduce performance. Smoke no more, worry the drops of oil, oil spills will follow.
see, washable range hood a few sins? In order to physically and mentally relaxed, fashion in the kitchen, or quality of life, hood should never take apart and wash it.
cherry hood, permanent feed network permanently exempts zhenhai appliance repair
away from
washable troubles, choose exempts hood. In 1978, the first Sakura range hood since the birth, contact cherry exempts these three words together. Sakura range hood double oil NET structure, effectively separating the oil and tobacco, smoke sucked oil filter down. As the oil from entering the inside of the machine, so there is no accumulation of oil. Regular throw oil oily old screen and put on cherry blossom oil free new home screen, simple to enjoy free and washable.
33 years, Sakura network service has never stopped, oil free screen would circle the Earth 2 and a half weeks, and will continue to extend, just to keep a promise: make your exempts life shall have perpetual succession.

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