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Central air conditioning works
The following two paragraphs appeared in Zhang Xuefa book, edited by cleaning technology of central air conditioner.
central air conditioning works can be divided into three categories: one is the all-air air conditioning system, a kind of air-water air-conditioning system, and one is the air conditioning system with refrigerant.
all-air air conditioning system is air conditioning in the rooms of all indoor load borne by the treated air to air conditioning systems. Air-water air-conditioning system refers to the air and the transfer of heat and moisture load and two indoor to outdoor air conditioning system. -Refrigerant air conditioning system refers to the air conditioning system refrigerant as the cooling medium, including one for commercial air conditioning and one for residential central air conditioning and so on.
a small chiller system central air conditioner outdoor unit, each end of the indoor unit (fan-coil), composed of water piping system and circulating pump, chilled water circulating pump connected to different regions of different forms of terminal equipment, through the end out of the hot and cold wind, to regulate the room temperature.
central air conditioning duct system is composed of an outdoor unit, indoor fan coil and coil connection of air piping and other components.
air pipe leading to all rooms need air-conditioning, air duct system can be installed with flow control valves, air, and other accessories, a host can control several different rooms and fresh air, regulate the interior temperature at the same time, can also improve indoor air quality.

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