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LCD TV by five maintenance home life more healthy
Remember, CRT TVs because long-term work and can be burned, for LCD TVs as well. So be sure to keep in mind, if not in use, be sure to close the LCD TV, or for a long time, it will cause internal burning or aging. This corruption case is permanent and irreversible. So be sure to pay enough attention to. In addition, if you continuously for a long time to display a fixed content, they can lead to some LCD pixels of the TV is overheating, causing the burn. LCD TV
maintenance of common sense II: keep the humidity of the environment
don't let any moisture nature of things into the LCD TV. Find a mist, gently wipe it with a soft cloth before you can turn on the power. If moisture has entered the LCD TV, it is necessary to place the LCD TV to a warm, dry place, in order to let the water and organic compounds evaporate. For LCD TV power with humidity, corrosion can lead to liquid crystal electrodes, causing permanent damage.
LCD TV three maintenance of common sense: properly clean the display surface
If you find stains on the surface of the display can be stained with a little glass cleaner on a soft cloth gently wipe, do not use cleaning agents directly onto the display surface. Cleaning agent into the LCD TV will cause a short circuit.
LCD TV four maintenance of common sense: avoid unnecessary vibration
LCD TV screen is very fragile, so to avoid strong shocks and vibrations. LCD TV is about user's home or Office and all the supplies in the most sensitive electrical equipment. LCD glass and contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, dropped to the floor or other similar hit can lead to damage to the LCD screen and the CFL unit. Also be careful not to put pressure on the surface of the LCD display.
LCD TV five maintenance of common sense: do not remove the
have a rule is, never disassemble LCD TV. Even closed for a long time, the CFL background lighting component converter is still possible with the high voltage of 1000V, this pressure can result in serious personal injury. Never attempt to disassemble or change the LCD screen, so as not to encounter pressure. Unauthorized repairs and changes can cause the display temporarily or permanently unable to work.

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