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Choice of refrigerator
Buy the most basic demand is cooling the fridge, so you want to sell a good refrigerator first to judge the refrigerator's cooling capacity, can be judged from the following:     1, compressor      compressor is the heart of a refrigerator, freezer provides cooling power. Good compressor-efficient, energy-saving, quiet, long life and so on. &Nbsp;   2, foam      foam layer in the refrigerator of the plate between the liner and, its function is thermal insulation. Low power consumption, cooling, fast, long holding time of refrigerator has one thing in common-the foam layer thick and full. A thick foam layer is generally 70-100mm.     3. Refrigeration      refrigeration system of refrigerator, refrigeration can be generated faster, lower noise, more power, more durable results. Refrigerator leaking most because the solder joint between pipe problem. If the refrigerator has a Baroque ring technology, will have a reduced risk of endoleak refrigerator trainer one out of 10,000, almost no possibility of leakage. &Nbsp;   3, door seal      seal on the door is a magnetic high rubber. Its function is to lock the air conditioner. If door seals magnetic is not ideal with or without automatic closers will cause air leakage.

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