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Common faults and judging method of air conditioning
(1), missing: refrigerant leakage electric (wiring, body) leakage current of insulation damage caused.
(2), block: refers to the refrigeration system fouling and blockage of air filter clogging; air inlet, outlet blocked by obstacles, etc.
(3), fault: electrical circuit disconnection; fuse; caused by overheating or excessive current overload protection disconnected contacts; because the refrigeration system pressures caused by abnormal pressure relay contacts are disconnected.
(4), burning: the compressor motor windings, fan motor windings, solenoid coils, relay coils and contacts are burned to the ground.
(5), the card: compressors, fans stuck stuck stuck, the moving parts of the bearing.
(6), damage refers to damage to the compressor valves and Pistons pick, fan blade breaking and parts breakage. Common fault diagnosis

judgement of common faults of air conditioners is to see, hear, touch, test, analysis.
1, see: watch carefully parts of air conditioners work, focus observe three parts: cooling system, electrical system, air system, determining whether they work properly.
(1) refrigeration system: observation refrigeration system the pipeline has no crack, and damaged, and knot cream and knot dew, situation; refrigeration pipeline Zhijian, and pipeline and shell body, has no collide mill wipe, especially refrigeration agent pipeline welding at, joint connection at has no leak, General leak at on will has oil (refrigeration system in the has must volume of frozen oil), also available clean of soft cloth, and soft paper wipe pipeline welding at and joint connection at, observation has no oil, to judge whether appeared leak.
(2) electrical system: see if electrical system fuse fuses, electrical conductor insulation is intact, circuit board there is no break, Junction has not come loose. In particular whether the electrical connections contact is good, loose wiring connectors and screws easily cause poor contact.
(3) ventilation system: observation of air filters, heat exchanger coil and fin too much dust; air inlet and outlet are unblocked; fan and fan operation is normal; wind is normal in size.
2, listening to: power power listen to sound air conditioner compressor running is fine, there is no abnormal sound, the fan there is no noise, the noise is too large. During the operation of the air conditioner, normally mild vibration, less noise, generally below 50DB. If excessive noise and vibration, possible causes are:
(1) improper installation. Bracket size does not match with the unit, fixed tight or without damping rubber, foam pad, can make air conditioner in operation when the vibration and noise of larger. Especially when you are just starting and stopping was the most significant.
(2) abnormal vibration of the compressor. Base mounting bad foot is not level, shock-proof rubber or poor shock spring mount or shock effects such as. If the compressor fails, such as valve broken, liquid hammer also is making an abnormal sound.
(3) fan is hitting. Fan blade crash caused by poor installation or deformation. Fans may have collided with walled shell, chassis, the axial movement of the fan, blade out of balance also clash; if there are foreign bodies in fan, blade with a dash of crash can also occur.
3, touch: touch air conditioner related parts feel its heat, vibration, and so on, helps to determine the fault property and location. Under normal conditions, the condenser temperature is gradually decreased from top to bottom, lower the temperature slightly higher than the ambient temperature. If the entire condenser is not hot or top is slightly warm, or hot but two adjacent pipes up and down temperature differences, are not normal. Under normal conditions the evaporator will dip the fingers of water on the surface of the evaporator, will feel the cold stick. At the outlet of dryer, capillary tube in normal circumstances should have a warm feeling (slightly higher than the ambient temperature, with the condenser pipe temperature are almost the same in the last paragraph), is lower than the ambient temperature or surface dew condensation and temperature difference between capillary segments are not normal. From the compressor suction pipe of 200MM, under normal circumstances, its temperature and ambient temperature.
4, log: in order to accurately determine the nature of the fault and the parts, often to check measurement instruments, instrument performance parameters and status of the air conditioner. As with a leak detector check for refrigerant leaks; measure the supply voltage, the terminals with a multimeter for current specification and operation current, computer-controlled air conditioners, should also measure the potential of various control points correctly.
5, analysis: the results obtained by the above method, most can only reflect a local State. Air conditioners are interrelated and interact between the parts, a symptom may be for a variety of reasons, and one reason may also have more trouble. Therefore, comprehensive comparative analysis of the local factors are so fully and accurately determine the nature of the fault and the parts.

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